Cinderella solution Review

Most women face difficulty when trying to lose weight due to various reasons. To get rid of extra pounds, it’s essential to choose a program that works well for you. Women like eating different foods and take little action to make their bodies fit and healthy. The excess fats are stored in the body leading to fatness and obesity. Women trying to lose weight can consider using Cinderella solution.

What is Cinderella solution?

It’s a unique slimming program that helps in reducing weight in a female body by increasing the speed of metabolism and reducing appetite. This system was officiated by Carly Donovan who argued that weight gain was as a result of three hormones, namely estrogen, insulin and cortisol. The three hormones are more effective for women with at least twenty years. There’re also various exercises included which majorly target the abdominal fat, hips and buttocks.

How it works

It’s a 28-day program that consists of two phases, i.e. the ignite phase and the initial phase. The ignite stage takes up to 14 days, with 3 meals per day. The meals should be taken, as stated by the program’s author. These food combinations usually regulate natural hormones and assist in weight loss. The second and final phase also called initial phase, consists of 4 meals per day. All foods are reorganized to create special combinations which Carly Donovan used and lost 84 pounds some time back.

Some of the special food combinations include apples and chocolate, mint and green tea, fish and garlic, ricotta and berries.

This system works well for women over 30 years by restarting the hormones responsible for metabolism regulation.

Why use Cinderella solution?

1. It enables fast and effective weight loss.

2. Assists in the preparation of tasty and nutritious dishes that give you a healthier body.

3. There’s scientific and medical evidence that the system works well.

4. The system works for almost all overweight women.

5. Suppresses appetite and unwanted cravings

6. Increases metabolism and enhances sex drive

Pros and cons

Just like any other weight loss program, Cinderella solution has its pros and cons as follows:
– It’s affordable

– No risks involved since fitness professionals created it

– There’s no restriction of certain diets

– It consists of a workout plan that helps in losing weight naturally

– has a 60 days money-back guarantee

– It’s available online only

– It’s for women only

– To get the desired results, you must follow instructions

Cost of the program

The Cinderella solution can be accessed for just $37. It comes with the main manual, a quick start guide, movement sequencing guide, Cinderella University book and bonus daily nutritional blueprint.

Where to buy Cinderella solution

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Final verdict

According to online customer reviews and rating, it shows that Cinderella solution works. The system has shown positive results to women whose goal is to shed off some weight. Place an order today to get rid of your excess weight.


Q. Am I too old for this to work?

Definitely not!It has worked wonders for women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, all the way up to people in their late 60’s.
That’s because the low-impact Movement Sequencing™ workouts gently influence weight-loss and are completely optional, so you don’t even have to use them when you start to experience great results.
On top of that, the bonus Quick Start Guide will show you 2 key Flavor-Pairing™ rituals that will have you feeling 10 years younger in your first week!

Q. Do I need a bunch of fitness machines, a gym membership, or a fridge full of diet products to get started?
We do our best to respond within 24-48 business hours. However, we have over 200+ new customers each day and because we choose to respond to each individual ticket personally, it can take a bit longer to get through them. This allows us to provide one on one customer service, and so you can be sure that whatever your question or issue may be, it will be resolved accurately. When leaving an email or voice message, please be sure to include the email address associated with your account and your reasoning for the call. This way, we can begin to collect any information necessary for resolving whatever issues you may have, which will allow us to help you even more quickly.

Q. What happens after I click the “Add To Cart” button?
Well the short answer is – you’ll have taken your first-step towards becoming a Cinderella Success Story 🙂
However, immediately after hitting the “Add To Cart” button below, you’ll be taken to our 100% secure order form page. Simply enter in your information, and you will receive instant access to the full Cinderella Solution Female Weight Loss System, along with your bonuses.
Remember, this is a one time-investment so you’ll never be billed again and you can download all the books and videos to as many devices as you like. This way you can access the system on your computer, tablet, and/or phone, whenever you want.